Riverdale: Season 4 Episode 5: Witness for the Prosecution - Review

Riverdale isn't a show where the many plots reflect each other so on this outing it was nice to have a change of pace where everything was about family. Whether those plots be about brothers and sisters who might both be serial killers or how corrupt one family can be and finding out uncomfortable truths about alcoholic fathers and their knack for giving presents.

We also got to meet a newcomer, Hermosa Lodge, Veronica's half-sister who is a private investigator that Hiram hired to spy on his daughter and gain information that secured his release from prison which we see at the end of this episode. And there can be little doubt that she is Hiram's daughter with her cut-throat ruthlessness and her abilities to always have the upper-hand. And as for Veronica's mother, Hermione, there can be little doubt that things are only going to get worse for her. But it does remind us that she is a cold-blooded killer who deserves what's coming to her.

An element of this episode that will likely stick with you for some time was the ease that Betty could identify the serial killers from photographs as she and Kevin began their junior FBI training. While the script puts it all down to the serial killer genes she possesses, it is in reality absolute nonsense as there is no correlation between the serial killer genes and the abilities to almost psychically identify other murderers. But it does trigger Betty and her dark side some-more which is always fun to see. What does happen though is that she begins to have flashbacks to a time in her childhood where she seemingly killed her beloved cat, once she finds out that most serial killers have a childhood of animal abuse. Thanks to urging from Kevin, Betty discovers that she was coaxed into killing her cat by her twisted father in what is a mercy killing because the animal had hit by a car prior.

Still it was unsettling to see, even though Riverdale does things like this quite regularly. And once again, it shows how twisted her father was.

Perhaps the biggest twist here though is when Betty learns that Charles has the same genes as her and she immediately jumps to the conclusion that he runs around killing people on the sly, despite him telling her that he joined the FBI so that he could quell those feelings. While we know that Betty is too good to be a serial killer and there is no way that the show would do anything like change her that drastically. It's entirely possible that the show might let her use abilities to identify killers to help catch them around Riverdale, there certainly seem to be enough of them!

And then there is Jugheads's portion of the story where everyone at Stonewall Prep is horrible. It was actually a good commentary on social wars and the battle of the classes but it does pose the question of whether Jug does any other classes apart from that one! But the biggest question I have here is whether Brett will finally get the punch in the face he readily deserves! God if I were Jug, Brett would have no teeth left by now!

Wrapping up the episode is Archie and his continuation of his father's memory by trying to get the boxing club up and running as a legitimate establishment for the youth of Riverdale. It's a cause that needs determination, money and help from others and while Archie has two of those things, Dodger is still causing him hassle. Archie though is still using his vigilante persona to take on Dodger's goons and while we all love Archie, he seems to never learn. This will come back to bite him at some point!