Remembering Smallville: Season 1 Episode 16: Stray

Stray sees yet another supernatural orphan turn up in the town of Smallville and the Kent-farm. Ryan certainly managed to come to the right place, even if it was because he ran out in front of Martha Kent driving a truck!

I really like this episode and the episode in the second season featuring Ryan. I like how Ryan intends to keep his gifts a secret but can't help but use them recklessly. Of course, Ryan loved the Kents and Clark, took to Chloe and Lana but couldn't stand Lex. Ryan looks at Clark as his 'Warrior Angel', a fictional superhero in the show who is a stranger from a mysterious planet.

We get more from Lionel in this episode too when he tells Lex he is doing an adequate job in Smallville and offers him a position in Luthor-Corp proper. It is interesting though that Lex turns down his offer, deciding that his real family is in the town where he now resides. It makes it all the more harder to watch though when you know what is coming soon as his darkness begins to take over and he breaks all the friendships he builds over the first three-seasons.

With Clark getting a temporary-little-brother one wonders what Lex would do if Julian was still around. Would he be like Clark?

Stray also makes it clear that Lex looks to Clark as if he is his brother. Everyone tells Clark to be careful around Lex, he is a Luthor after all. Even Ryan tells Clark to be careful, but for now, Clark is loyal to Lex. And it makes it all the more heart-breaking when it all comes crashing down as the series progresses...