Doctor Who: Sleep No More - Cast List

The ninth episode of series 9, Sleep No More has been written by Mark Gatiss and been filmed in the 'found footage' format made famous by, The Blair Witch Project.
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The Doctor - Peter Capaldi

Clara - Jenna Coleman

Rassmusssen - Reece Shearsmith

Nagata - Elaine Tan

Chopra - Neet Mohan

474 - Bethany Black

Deep-Ando - Paul Courtenay Hyu

Monster Actors - Paul Davis, Tom Wilton, Matthew Doman

Morpheus Presenter - Zina Badran

Hologram Singers - Natasha Patel, Elizabeth Chong, Nikkita Chadha, Gracie Lai

Sleep No More airs on the 14th November on BBC One at 8:15

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