Remembering Smallville: Season 1 Episode 13: Kinetic

Kinetic is perhaps Smallville's first big misstep. It is an interesting concept that is lost somewhere in its faulty execution.

We've got a few ex-jocks from Smallville-High who have gotten addicted to Kryptonite through strange tattoos they've drawn on each other and then carry out heists by walking literally, through walls. It is an episode though where the chronically boring Whitney becomes slightly more interesting with the loss of his scholarship meaning he got involved with these guys, at least until he realised what they were really doing. But one thing to mention about these guys is if they can punch through stuff and become intangible, how can they carry things? I hate it when episodes leave us with these kinds of questions!

It was quite funny though to see a mild-mannered reporter in the form of Clark taking over at the torch while Chloe was in the hospital and it was nice that it was Chloe, who while in hospital, worked out at the kryptonite was giving the ex-jocks their powers.

And Lex brought the flower shop and Talon from Nell. Lana couldn't bear to see it go and offered Lex a counter-proposition. To keep the place where her dead parents had meet around, she would run the Talon as a coffee shop. And Lex agrees to it. Knowing where their friendship develops as the show goes on, it is surprising that the production team were already planting the seeds for it this early on. Lex even goes on to comment on what an interesting partnership this was going to be. And he was right...