Remembering Smallville: Season 1 Episode 5: Cool - Review

What I particularly like about this episode is that it features our first, could be DC Comics' villain, Sean Calvin looks an awful lot like Mr. Freeze. Well, Mr. Freeze in training.

We also get to see Lex Luthor trying to be a hero by simultaneously setting Clark and Lana up on a date and attempting to throw money at the Kent's financial problems. One might even come to the conclusion that while Sean is too cold, is Lex too warm?

And for the first time, Clark abandons Lana in order to rush off and save Chloe. Side note: This is the first time Chloe gets to be the victim. And Lana blows off Clark and continues to date Whitney because he seems to make her safe. So the only thing that one can really do with episode is consider the irony.

There really is nothing that happens in this episode, it is high forgettable. In fact, the only memorable thing that happens is when Chloe is getting chased by Sean through Smallville High School and he freezes the swimming pool just as she narrowly escapes it. It was quite a good special effect. Other than that, naff-all happened.