The Vampire Diaries: Season 8 Episode 4 - An Eternity of Misery - Episode Review

This episode features two major plot points. We learn about Sybil's backstory and how she became a Siren and we see Damon going even further off the rails and interacting with someone Pete, who is the father of someone mysterious. (I'll give you a hint who, it's Matt Donovan.) But both these plot points seem to depend on misdirection to generate their tension. And because neither of them have misdirection's which weren't obvious, the results are unfortunately, sad, to say the least.

We'll start with Sybil's backstory. Long ago, in the time that Sybil comes from, there was a man called Arcadius, someone who everyone called Cade, who had the ability to read people's minds. He was killed because of these powers. Years late, Sybil was discovered to have the same powers and was exiled to a remote island where it was believed that she would die. But on the island she meets Selene, another girl with the same abilities as hers. Selene gradually teaches Sybil how to use her mind-powers to lure ships to their shore so that they can feast on the sailors inside...

So, long story short, Sybil meets Selene, who teaches Sybil in the ways of a Siren and makes her dependant on human flesh for her survival. Then the pair met Arcadius who by this point had become the ruler of Hell. Or if you like, he is the Devil. But we call him Cade.

This is the first problem this episode has, the Devil is black, while there is nothing with diversity in any programme, making the Devil, a biblical force of evil black is either a bold move from the producers and The CW or an incredibly stupid one, I guess time will tell.

But I guess it is an interesting enough backstory, even though the majority of the tension this show now has relies on brunette's to get an Elena-feel back into the show. And given that both suspects as to who was really Selene were both brunette's it wasn't really clear for me, who it was all along.

It turned out to be the nanny. The woman looking after Caroline and Alaric's children.

I suppose that is the answer as to why Alaric seemed to be telling her all his plans a couple of episodes ago, she was hijacking his mind. But how do his kids fit into Selene's plans? The tuning fork hurt them just as much as it did Selene and Sybil. I do hope we aren't going to be given mystical children now. I don't like mystical children.

And it still isn't entirely clear how their mind powers actually work. We have only seen Sybil mind-jack men. But Selene appears to stronger since she gets a woman to trap Alaric under the Armoury. This was the most-cringy story to date, Alaric actually stuck a knife into his eardrums, I can't imagine how much that must have hurt. And after wandering around in the tunnels under the Armoury, Alaric ends up in Mystic Falls. This is either the show's biggest reveal to date or it is just really confusing. I thought the Armoury was supposed to be miles and miles away from Mystic Falls. We can find The Salavatore House in Mystic Falls and Caroline's house and Matt goes on to describe Mystic Falls as being still overrun by supernatural creatures. How overrun? One witch, two sirens and a couple of vampires, who are on his side. I would hardly call that overrun.

But finally Matt is back - yay! And now he has his dad in tow. But that was the episode's second misdirection, we were supposed to wonder who Pete's son was even though he looks so much like Matt that the tension was ruined. I suppose the big question to be taken from this episode was, what was Matt's grandmother up to and why was she in possession of mystical weapons. Is this a nice throwback to the old Mystic Falls Council we met in the early seasons, or will they take make a reappearance, giving this is the final season?