Cloak and Dagger Coming To The Small Screen In New Television Series!

Live Action series of Cloak and Dagger, two Marvel Comic Book Characters coming to television...

A new live-action Marvel TV series is on the way, and it won’t be on ABC or Netflix. According to a story from Variety, a new Marvel show called Cloak And Dagger is heading to the Freeform cable channel, which was formerly known as ABC Family and serves as a young-people-friendly corner of Disney’s TV empire.

If you’re unfamiliar with Cloak and Dagger as comic book characters, let me fill you in: Tyrone Johnson is Cloak, a superhero endowed with the powers of teleportation and intangibility, with a link to the ‘Darkforce dimension’. The Darkforce Dimension has recently played a big part in Agent Carter and has been mentioned in Agents of SHIELD.
Tandy Bowen is Dagger, who can create 'daggers of light', heal people and purge addictions. The pair are street-dwelling runaways, who meet in New York, simultaneously gain their powers, and eventually team up to fight crime, with a particular focus on stamping down on drugs (at least to start with).

Freeform has apparently ordered a full series of Cloak And Dagger, which Variety is describing as a 'live-action interracial romance'. The network is targeting the fairly large demographic of human beings within the age range of 14 and 35.