Timeless: Season 1 Episode 7: Stranded - Review

The team find themselves stranded in 1752, after a number of Flynn's gang sabotage the Lifeboat. Stuck, for the foreseeable future in the middle of the French and Indian war, the gang have to scrap together some odds and ends to fix their ship and get back to present day.

Without a doubt, this has been the slowest paced episode of Timeless we have had to date. But that was ultimately a good thing, it allows for some much needed character moments for the core team as well as Connor Mason and Jiya. We also get to see what needs to be done should a team find themselves stuck in the past and it does literally involve a message in a bottle, which gets buried very deeply underground.

For the gang to get all the bits they need, they have no choice but to infiltrate a French base. That would have been the easy part of their mission if it wasn't for the fact that they were already marked as wanted fugitives. But it is quickly made clear that this isn't the only hitch.

On their way to the camp, Wyatt, Lucy and Rufus are kidnapped by a tribe of Indians, the Shawnee and they have to convince their leader, Nonhelema, that they pose no theat. It was funny to see Lucy trying to save their lives using names from a television show, something which has worked when they are closer to present day. But in 1752, it doesn't wash and Nonhelema doesn't believe her, nearly resulting in their deaths. Nonhelema spares Rufus because she believes he doesn't want to be there. But realising that Nonhelema has mistaken him for a slave, he has no choice to use his new found freedom to plead their case by saying that if she wants to kill his friends, then she will have to kill him too.

While all this going on, the action shifts back to present day, where Connor and Jiya are about to give up looking for their team. This allows for a nice moment where both characters tell the stories of how they met Rufus. This leads Jiya to work out how they are going to bring the team back, which is all thanks to her knowledge of Star Wars.

Eventually, the team get back to present day and it looks like Rufus, Lucy and Wyatt are a closer team thanks to their time in 1752. The episode closes with a fun little scene in which Wyatt and Lucy talk about meta-physics and the nature of time travel.

This was a slower episode than some may be used too but it proved to be a needed respite, from the episodes that had come previously, packed with knowledge we will need to keep for the remainder of the series. I particularly enjoyed the character bites given to Connor and Jiya. And it was nice to see some development concerning the Rittenhouse conspiracy, with an investigation being opened on Connor Mason. This should lead to some interesting developments in the future, especially if Rittenhouse learns they are being investigated.

If I had one particular gripe with this episode it would be that there wasn't a lot of development for Nonhelema. This was a throwaway character in the grand scheme of the episode, but the powerful performance from Karina Lombard left us wanting more...