Class: Photo Gallery - Episode 1 - For Tonight We Might Die

The following images have been released as promotional images for the new series Class, a spinoff from the world of Doctor Who. Class will begin airing on BBC 3 22nd October at 10am!


It was revealed, after glimpses of the TARDIS on the set of Coal Hill School, that Peter Capaldi's Twelfth Doctor would make an appearance on the series in the premier episode. Here we see the 12th Doctor with the new baddie, The Shadow Kin...

Former Coronation Street actress, Katherine Kelly, stars as the mysterious Mrs. Quill, a strange new teacher at Coal Hill School.

Here, Quill appears to be what looks like a museum full of alien weapons and artefact's and apparently, she gets a ride in the TARDIS!

Has Mrs. Quill found the answers to the groups current Shadow Kin problems, in the form of an alien weapon?

Apparently, Mrs. Quill has found what she wanted!

Do the Doctor and Mrs. Quill know each other? With rumours online and synopsis' suggesting that Mrs. Quill and Charlie are in fact aliens, it is entirely possible.

Mrs. Quill with Charlie, played by Greg Austin, wielding an alien weapon, presumably at The Shadow Kin. I'm guessing the prom is as good as ruined.

Mrs. Quill, Charlie and April, played by Sophie Hopkins, come face to face with a member of The Shadow Kin. How will they explain this away to everyone else at the prom?

Charlie's boyfriend, Matteusz, played by Jordan Renzo, looks on fearfully, presumably as things go from bad to worse at prom...

April gets ready for the prom, before it all goes to hell.

Showing off her dress before prom.

Could April be trying to talk The Shadow King out of killing everyone? Its probably not the best move.

We know from clips that April tries to warn everyone about the monsters on their way, will anyone believe her before its too late? Probably not. But with alien invasions happening every week in Doctor Who, how can these people not believe her?!

Has April realized that it might be too late, no one believes her and now she can't believe her eyes. It looks like the baddies have arrived and they are lean, mean and mighty unclean!

Ram takes his date to prom but will she survive it?

Ram looks a little worse for wear facing down The Shadow Kin!

Charlie, (Greg Austin), in the same location as Mrs. Quill and the TARDIS. What could he be looking for or at?

Is it Charlie's first day? And who are the EverUpwardReach Ltd company? Could they be something to do with the overall plot, or just a throwaway line, to make the world these characters inhabit feel more real? I guess we'll have to find out.

Charlie and Mrs. Quill have words. Or is there something else going on, could she be warning him about something? Or just nagging, like parents have a habit of doing!

What is what Mrs. Quill looking at and why is Charlie looking so miserable? The urge to sing 'Cheer Up Charlie' is nearly overwhelming. Oh no, too late!

Could Tanya, played by Vivian Oparah, be meeting April for the first time?
Something seems to have caught Tanya's attention.
Could the gang be meeting for the first time in the halls of the school?
April and Charlie come face to face.
Things get tense...

Meeting the Doctor for the first time?

Ah evil, thy name is maths! Seriously, they look confused.
Time to work!
Ram, played by Fady Elsayed, sees the funny side of something, while everyone else looks bored out of their heads!

"Alright guys, physics, physics. Physics, physics, physics. I hope your getting all this down..."
Mrs. Quill takes a tea break. Or coffee break, whatever...

Did someone just say something stupid?
A Time To Reflect?
Class premiers on BBC 3, 22nd September 2016 at 10am.