Big Finish reveal individual episode titles and details for the upcoming UNIT:Extinction boxset.

Set for release on the 9th of November, Big Finish have released episode titles and details for the first boxset in the new UNIT range.

1. Vanguard by Matt Fitton
While UNIT attend a 'skyfall' incident under the eyes of watchful journalists, reclusive billionaire Simon Devlin is planning a product launch that will change the world...

2. Earthfall by Andrew Smith
Lieutenant Sam Bishop and Osgood are deployed to the Gobi desert in search of a Nestene energy unit. But there are Autons in the sand dunes...

3. Bridgehead by Andrew Smith
Captain Josh Carter has gone undercover inside Devlin Futuretech. But his safety is jeopardised by the activities of investigative journalist Jacqui McGee.

4. Armageddon by Matt Fitton
As UNIT leads the fightback on every front, every continent, against an implacable army, Kate Stewart must look to the past for some clue to defeat the plastic menace.

Other guest stars in the box set include Karina Fernandez as Jenna Gold, Tracy Wiles as Tim Stevens and Derek Carlyle as Tim Stevens.