Doctor Who: The Diary of River Song Audiobook Cover and Details released

1 - The Boundless Sea by Jenny T Colgan

Drawn of out of self impossed academic exile by an archeological dig, River crosses paths with British Consol Bernie Potts - leading to a secret burried in a tomb...

2 - I Went to a Marvellous Party by Justin Richards

River is invited to the most exclusive gathering, right in the middle of Hyperspace! Hosts, Gifford and Isabella hold the key to the mysterious Rulers of the Universe; but with a murderer on board, is River too late to discover the truth?

3. Signs by James Goss
River is on the trail of mysterious, planet-killing SporeShips. Her only aid is a handsome time-travelling stranger with a connection to her future - her husband, Mr Song.

4. The Rulers of the Universe by Matt Fitton
The Eighth Doctor is drawn into events, as River must contend with a secret society and a face-off with an ancient alien force - with her future husband caught in the middle!

Also revealed was the cast list,

Alex Kingston (River Song), Paul McGann (The Doctor), Alexander Vlahos (Bertie Potts), Alexander Siddig (Marcus Gifford), Imogen Stubbs (Isabella Clerkwell), Gbemisola Ikumelo (Prim), Charlotte Christie (Daphne Garsington), Alisdair Simpson (Colonel Lifford), Oliver Dimsdale (Archie Ferrers), John Banks (Professor Straiton), Letty Butler (Spritz), John Voce (Jenkins), Aaron Neil (Sanukuma Master) and Samuel West (Mr Song). Other parts played by the cast.